There is high probability that your project will end up with a fiasco !

Based on the public records researched by Gartner, around 50% of projects are compromised .

Detect: How to know if our project will be completed successfully? Where is the most critical part of the project which will be important for its success? How to select the best way to split the tasks?

Let’s think: There are a dozen or so popular books, searches on show 38,335 results for books with “project management” in the title, blogs and articles with advice on what to do, how to plan and what the golden mean is. However, problems never disappear at all – advice for sure is reasonable, but as far as life is complicated, it will provide us extra difficulties which aren’t described anywhere. Not even in my book – can you imagine that? What is my “golden mean”?

Root cause: Split the job, divide the tasks, array assignments among whom it concerns. Imagine that smallest tasks need to be completed in no more than 5 working days. It does not guarantee the project will be a great success, but at least we will be able to accomplish all scheduled tasks.

In Real Life: For instance, let’s take a closer look at the construction branch – some of the tasks have their own order. There is no point in laying the tiles down if the pipe system has not been finished yet. We can choose them and buy them, but not lay them down, even though it will be more exciting than the selection of pipes.

The same situation happened when we were building an application with the front and back end platforms. When the team created architecture diagrams, they went one step further. Not only did they select the way of how the interfaces would be established, but they also chose the tool they would use to meet the requirements. It came with a big surprise to all of us that our chosen tool was not able to work in the created production environment. I will save you the details but we made the wrong choice in the beginning.


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