Plan the work, work the plan

In the today world the IT needs to plan exactly what projects will be done in the next couple of months. That’s what we call the capacity planning.

There are two different models of capacity planning: the very old traditional in which you can just say about the man-hours of your current capacity and you can adopt the projects to it; or you can have the unlimited capacity which is linked to the current environment and the standards of the system.

How we can deal with it? It’s just more important to have the proper documentation, proper procedures and be able to have the standard technology architecture which allow you to bring the new solution much faster. Current demand is from the users who have systems like iPhones, iPads and all of the other smartphones so in the next day they would like to see it working operational. In the reality you need to make sure that you have everything in standard just to be able to deliver it fast. You can see the Apple – they built the framework for the developers and they won’t allow anybody to go outside of the created path. It allows people to go fast and make sure they are staying within the frames of the platform.

So that’s a big dilema: are we willing to keep people within the frames, or are we willing the people to have creativity and bring them outside?

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