What to do when the fire roars?

I remember that when I was a young boy I’ve been always coming down and looking at the rushing red fire truck. I have never realized that all the stuff happening before, after and around the truck may affect my business life.

What to do when the fire roars? It is known that the most significant thing during the blaze is that we are able to localize it. We know what and where is burning and we ought to inform all the people who may give us a hand. And these are firefighters, as well as everyone else around us – among them our neighbors or companies around our building.

The same is going to happen on the project. If we know that something is wrong, we have to hurriedly inform people who may have an impact on this, as well as to find an expert who may help us. What we need him for? The expert – being actually our firefighter – may localize the source of the fire – the source of the problem – much more effectively than we could.

After we find the source, we also have to stop the fire spreading. We need to determine in what way we could extinguish it by using the most effective means. It’s an analogy to the projects, again, since we have the very same opportunity to localize the source, find out what happened and gain control over all of the side effects of the fire. It’s also important to work out the best – meaning the most effective – method of its extinguishing. As we know, some of the project solutions may result in increased expenses and resource usage, and it probably won’t appear too productive. The same is with the fire – each type is being extinguished in a different way.

When the blaze is finally stopped and everything is under control, the next step – which we often forget about on the project – is to find a solution to prevent the fire in the future. What to do to make our project well-done? If we find, for instance, wrongly wrought tests linked to a specific system start-up, then what could we do to make them well planned within the next similar project?

I’m not sure if I still want to be a firefighter, but it occurred that I work as a qualified firefighter extinguishing miscellaneous fires every day.

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