Before you meet a headhunter

You managed to get invited for a meeting with one of the headhunters. It’s just when your profile’s verification process starts. The first meeting’s objective is to determine how many of your traits are equal to the formerly prepared specification. Better don’t rest on laurels – you should be well prepared. Such a preparation helps us in most cases to go through our priorities and to think of what is the most significant in life (except the will of changing a job, of course). What is the best way to present yourself? In my preparations I focus on:

  • What can I offer and what is unique in my career? What makes me different than others? 3 or 4 traits will be needed;
  • Preparing a few CAR-like stories (Challenge-Action-Result);
  • Looking for a person who have worked, works or knows someone who works for your potential employer among my friends. I try to feel the company and the way it operates – gaining as much information about the company and its administration as possible is necessary;
  • And the simplest, but very difficult at once – it’s necessary to go through the most prosaic questions again: why do you want to change your job, what are your strengths etc…

Each meeting like this is outstandingly stressful and it’s necessary to get well prepared. On the meeting you have to be on the top of your possibilities.

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by Piotr

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