Satisfaction measure in IT

Net Promoter Score (NPS) have made an incredible career in the world of business.

Will you recommend our product/service to your friend? The technique assumes that all the answers can be split into three categories:

  • Promoters;
  • Destroyers;
  • Neutrals.

Certainly the ascendancy of the promoters over destroyers makes our product better than the competition’s one. The authors convince that the NPS measure may be used among various brands and products as it relates solely to the customer’s satisfaction.

It raises natural dissent of the whole opinion study branch which sees it as an oversimplification that precludes the possibility of defining the factors of the product success.

In my opinion it’s just one of the customer satisfaction measures which is not sufficient for a branch (IT in my case). It’s necessary to link the clients’ fulfillment with other measures. I’ll get back to that in the next article.

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by Piotr


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    Ciekawy artykul na stronie BW o NPS

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    inne linki po polsku

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