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I had a chance to speak to one of my friends who is a head-hunter in the big agency. One point was very interesting – they changed the way for doing a business in the search industry. It’s the complete abandon of private databases which contain CVs and information about candidates. Talking with him made me very astonished that majority of his research job moved completely from the internally focused network to tools like, (which you can find in France), or Polish

So, when we spoke about it, he was just laughing and said that majority of the pictures are unprofessional and you can find very bad pictures of people just if you look into your network.

The pictures are not nicely framed, you cannot really see the person, sometimes you can barely see the face; majority of this stuff is coming from the vacation or from the party. So the picture is the first thing. He said he isn’t looking on the Facebook, however sometimes it’s very interesting to take a look at it.

The second part is the career path. A career path doesn’t match when comparing the CV received on the paper or via e-mail to LinkedIn. The majority of the positions are completely different – different titles, different names and different operational roles. So I think that’s really something what you guys need to take a look at; make sure that all of the data is just synchronized between your real life and your virtual profile.

The third thing which is very interesting as well is lack of contact data in the electronic profile. It looks like people are just afraid of giving real name or address and having the information which really allows others to contact them.

From my perspective, when I look at it: I had a chance to talk to couple of my friends in my very extensive LinkedIn network, and I can compare their profiles pretty easily. Very big part is that you can see who is searching for the job by the title. And that’s something good. You know, it helps you to determine who is from your network actively searching for the new challenges. It doesn’t necessary mean that you’re searching for the new job, it means that you’re just ready to take a challenge if it will come.

So, as a conclusion make sure you get your profile updated, so you will be just head-hunted through the virtual environment.

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by Piotr

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    good morning, my friend Piotr is perfectly right in his comment. Another element to consider is the "key words" that are searchable electronically. As a matter of fact having in your job title multiple clear words describing the job your are looking for allows your profile to be detected during those eletronic searches.

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