Tiles or pipes?

Big project implementations usually end up with a fiasco. There are dozen or so popular blogs with advices on what to do, how to plan and what is the golden mean. In my opinion problems will never disappear at all – the advices are for sure reasonable, but as far as life is complicated, it will provide us extra difficulties which aren’t described anywhere.

What is my “golden mean”? Let’s for instance take a closer look at the contruction branch – some of the tasks have their own order. There is no point to lay the tiles down if the pipe system is not finished yet. We can choose and buy them, but not lay them down, even though it will be more exciting than pipes selection. That’s why it’s a good idea to array assignments among whom it concerns and to carry into their execution. It does not guarantee the project will be a great success, but at least we will be able to accomplish all scheduled tasks.

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by Piotr

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