My “Seven Summits”​

7 Summits – each on the different continent. 7 highest mountains and each represent different challenges, specific skills, various logistics. We will not consider local culture, language and specific regulations. Common themes from people who achieved the challenge was: Dream, Work and Friends.

I looked back at my personal and professional life searching for my seven summits or seven dreams … It still a lot to do/I need to dream more:

  • Get undergraduate degree – 300% done – 3 different schools in 3 different languages,
  • Write a book – 100% done – “Houston we have a …project” – done together with Christophe Garçonnet
  • Share what I learned – coaching students… what a fun .. I thought that I did it but I need more … this is my continuous challenge,
  • Meet interesting people and learn from them – on going – still a lot of people to see and listen to .. I have a goal to have one new relationship/LinkedIn contact per month,
  • Camino de santiago de compostela french way – 20% done
  • Travel around the world for 40 days without plan – next stop defined after landing – not done
  • Build the company or rebuild it – own the creation process – failed twice !!

What are you dreaming about? Money, Love, Power … whatever you wish write it down and just do it.

What is easy is to be able to find THE dream. Seven dreams is a much harder to find. If you wish to talk about it give me a ring. We can chat about it … for me that will be meeting new interesting person …