Be happy and be serious?

A couple of times I got comments from my colleagues that I’m always very happy and smiley, and sometimes they think that I’m not serious at all. This is the big compromise which I need to do continuingly. Although I’m very optimistic and I’m trying to be as happy as possible – the life is too complex to worry each day – but when you’re happy, because of the perception your face and body language show, people can occasionally take you as very unserious, informal and easygoing person. And it’s not essentially the truth…

You need to find a way to make sure that you can project the message about the task you can accomplish and the way to keep your attitude as positive as possible. The way how I handle it is that I try to make sure that all of the points which I’m working on are very clearly communicated, so the people can see what to do and what is supposed to be done. They see the execution and they treat me very seriously because they can behold that I’m taking all the steps which were planned, executed very seriously.

It’s important. It’s not really preventing you from all these things to be happy, very positive and to shoot equally positive attitude. It gives you very big and valuable cocktail of energy. If people see that you’re serious and happy at once, you will motivate the team, the clients, as well as yourself – which are very important – much better.

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by Piotr

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