Back to the Future

I have recently been on a meeting with Ray Hammond, a person who loudly speaks about future. Presentation of the factors which will – in his opinion – impact the process of future forming was an interesting element of the event. These are some of them:

  • World population (or rather over-population);
  • Climate change (by preventing present processes which contaminate natural environment);
  • Deficiency of feedstock needed to produce energy (stocks of petroleum and coal are already nearly depleted);
  • Further global trade exchange development (an increase of trade means decrease of warfare);
  • Medical progress (mainly nanomedicine and genetic technology – an average life expectancy will increase by 30-40 years);
  • Technology progress and innovations (a robot with human abilities will come into existence in the following 30-40 years).

An interesting thing is that none of above factors is a surprise; I think most of the big civilization changes have been performed in the same way. Well, we’ll see in 100 years.

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by Piotr

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