5 minutes with…

Sharing information about ourselves is very controversial, especially presently, in “digital forever” epoque. Thanks to the new generation of Google’s Century Search service my grandchildren will be able to read what I have written today. But it’s always a good idea to have a model of sharing such information. In cases of team organization I call it “5 minutes with…” The purpose of that affair is to tighten people’s relations and find their common character traits.

There are two methods to achieve “5 minutes with…”:

  • The simple one – by distributing filled forms among team members;
  • The interactive one – by sorting the anserws from the most exotic, and then by reading them and waiting for the first person to guess who is it about. If the team breakes the ice, the practice may have very positive results.

I published the pattern in Google’s Documents – it still looks like 21st century version.


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